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Welkom op de website van Stichting Nieuwe Waarde.
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About us

Stichting Nieuwe Waarde wants to use multi-year or one-off donations to carefully selected partners and projects to improve the world for people and animals in a sustainable way. Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, Stichting Nieuwe Waarde has identified six focus areas with a worldwide geographical focus. For each of these areas, we use a vision that provides direction when assessing project applications and making budget available. Based on careful feedback and evaluation of results of donations in terms of results achieved, we aim to maximise the impact of the resources made available.

Policy and Annual report

Policy and Annual report

Our Policy and Annual Report documents can be downloaded from the Dutch version of this page.

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Nieuwe Waarde Foundation is governed by:

Johan Nieuwerth

— Johan Nieuwerth

Chairman of the board

Sanne Schaafsma

— Sanne Schaafsma


David Soeten

— David Soeten


Get in touch with us.

If you would like to apply for cooperation with or support from Stichting Nieuwe Waarde, we ask you to submit a structured application.